Kate Moss’ Renovation Plans For Highgate Mansion Bothers Neighbors

Supermodel Kate Moss has big plans for her new luxury mansion in Highgate, London. The supermodel and her husband Jamie Hince recently moved into the property, and rumor has it that the pair is planning extensive renovations. From what we hear, Moss has plans of building a £850,000 fitness center on the property, along with several other additions including a third dressing room.

However, Moss’ plans to renovate the property extensively are not going down well with the neighbors. The issue here is that Moss’ mansion is of historic relevance. Towering figures of English literature, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and J.B. Priestly once lived in the same Highgate mansion. The luxury mansion bears a blue plaque indicating its historical importance.

Neighbors are not happy about several of the changes that Moss is planning to make. This includes her plans of installing a large satellite dish atop the classic mansion. Many feel that the dish will take away from the beauty of this sprawling historic home. People are not too pleased with Moss’ plans of installing as many as eight CCTV devices at different areas of the £7 million estate.

Since this is a Grade II property, Moss is required to take permission from the local council before making alterations. Apart from the £850,000 fitness center and the third dressing room, it appears that Moss and Hince are planning to introduce a luxurious freestanding bath on the first floor as well. Apparently, a basement kitchen is also in the pipeline. According to reports, Moss has already submitted an application to the council to allow renovations worth £2.5 million.

Via: Belfast Telegraph, Mirror

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