Urbancase Presents The All New Emergency Cocktail Station. An Immediate Thirst Quencher

The concept of first aid boxes has been around for generation and has served us well in nearly situations. Be it your day to day life or as stressful a theater as combat, first aid kits have always proven to be the defining moment that on most occasions serves as the critical element between life and death. Working on the first aid concept, renowned design studio Urbancase has now come out with a magnificent product that in some ways can be termed as your very own ‘mobile bar’. The all new Emergency Cocktail Station is a very thoughtful and extremely well designed product that provides the users with on the spot liquor bottles, tools and elegant martini glasses. With this one of kind liquor station you can now blend in your favorite drink as and when needed or required. Perfect for outdoor activities like picnics, camping etc. the Emergency Cocktail Station provides you with instant drink at the very moment you crave for it.

The remarkable Emergency Cocktail Station has been designed and developed to be mobile or can be hung on a wall. The casing of this one of a kind package comes in shining white and also carries the globally recognized medial cross insignia at the bottom right. The cocktail station measure only 32 inches in length and is currently available for purchase with a price tag of $850. A pretty hefty cost for such a simple product that though provides you with liquor as and when you wish, but needs to be refilled once the bottles are empty.

Via NotCot

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