Skypak Introduces The All New Sparkling Swarovski Crystals Studded Airplane Trolley

Skypak, a name globally renowned for its magnificent and elegant airplane trolleys has now announced the availability of an all new kind of trolley that though will perform similar functions as that of a conventional trolley, but is uniquely different in its presence. We are talking about the all new Swarovski airplane trolley that has been designed with up to 82,000  Swarovski crystals that adorn this stunning trolley from all directions. The Swarovski airplane trolley is quite reminiscent of the stunning Crystal Game Station cum Necklace from designer Kyle Daevel that also featured Swarovski crystals. Along with the sparkling crystals, this beauty of an airplane trolley has also been given generous finish of chromium to make it even more attractive. Flying in luxury has can’t get much better or lavish than being served cocktails on a Swarovski crystals studded airplane trolley.

The magnificent Swarovski airplane trolley has been designed and developed by Baz Pringle, a London based designer, who is currently working in the capacity of  Senior Art Director in Orange County, California. The entire design of this luxury trolley has been conceived to make it multi-purpose, meaning that the trolley itself can be used services other than its primary role of an airplane trolley. The Swarovski airplane trolley can even be pressed into service as a mobile refrigerator and has the capability of storing dry ice for hours at a time. Furthermore, this majestic trolley can even be used to store various commodities such as DVDs, shoes, or can even be turned into a mini bar by manipulating its multiple shelves. The Swarovski airplane trolley is available for $40,700.

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