Genesis Introduces An All New Range Of Cutting Edge Luxury Speaker Systems

One of the foremost names in high end speaker systems, Genesis, has now introduced an all new range of luxury speaker systems that are designed to provide the most astounding audio quality, while adding more beauty to your living room’s aesthetics. This magnificent range of tower speakers consist of Genesis 7.2 Petite (G7p), Genesis 7.2 Convertible (G7c) & Genesis Floor-Stander (G7f) speaker systems. Unlike conventional speaker systems, this brilliant line of tower speakers provides exceptional audio quality and have been given Genesis tweeters that first made an appearance in the company’s Genesis 1.2 loudspeaker. Furthermore, to ensure enhanced and unmatched performance, the entire 7.2 series has been provided with a titanium-cone mid/woofer, as well as a cutting edge crossover topology that greatly enhances sound dispersion.

The Genesis 7.2 Petite (G7p) is a bass oriented speaker system that focuses on delivering heart thumping bass levels along with enriched audio that makes listening to your favorite tracks all the more pleasurable. Furthermore, the G7p features a unique design set, where in the speaker speakers comes with tweeters on the front and the rear of the speakers. Next in line is Genesis 7.2 Convertible (G7c), a tower speaker that has been designed and developed to work as a speaker which can be used for left, right as well as central positions. This remarkable speakers sports a state of the art sound dispersion technology that allows it product magnificent audio quality and levels, without occupying much space. The last model is the Genesis Floor-Stander (G7f), another tower speaker that comes with a servo-controlled bass system that combined with class D amplification is able to provide enhanced bass to even low frequency sounds operating at 22Hz. The Genesis 7.2 Petite (G7p) comes with a price tag of $2,950, while the Genesis 7.2 Convertible (G7c) costs $3,950. The costliest of all three models is the Genesis Floor-Stander (G7f) that carries a price tag of a hefty $8,950.

According to Gary Leonard Koh (CEO, Genesis Advanced Technologies),

“I am an advocate for the right speaker for the right room. In a small room, a large loudspeaker would over-power the room and this would result in boomy bass and a loss of articulation. The Genesis 7-series are designed without compromise for small rooms — rooms that would be too small to accommodate one of our larger loudspeakers. The more expensive Genesis loudspeakers are not necessarily better, they are just larger, and would need a larger room to really “sing”. We don’t use cheaper drivers or cheaper crossover parts or take manufacturing shortcuts with the 7-series loudspeakers. We just make them smaller.”

Via eCoustics

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