Imperia Crystal Crown Edition by Russian Signature Is a Luxe Vodka

At the end of the day, you could relax and pamper yourself with excellent imperia vodka which could be the best relaxing drink and enjoy the evening with the high quality beverage. Russian Standard vodka is the most popular and dynamically expanding brand of the decade. This time Russian Standard focuses on smoothness of taste and also on the purity which is the finest expression of traditional Russian vodka. Russian Standard vodka has brought its brand Imperia which has a rich Russian heritage in the production of vodka. It claims itself the leader of globe to offer authentic Russian Vodka.

The luxury brand has been launched in a limited edition and is distilled and bottled in Russia and it uses exclusively the finest of ingredients. The brand identifies itself with the elite society, which is also a representation of the high-end society. 20,000 bottles are marketed in major cities of the world.  The accessibility of the outstanding spirit will be in places like international airports, on the shelves of classy hotels and restaurants, local stores and clubs.

The company employs a unique blend of centuries with great attention to details and techniques of the art, creating unparallel vodka in St Petersburg. The Imperia Crystal Crown Edition is an impressive line of luxury spirit that is spectacular, clean and pure, featuring a bottle of twenty four Swarovski crystals. Ural Mountains are the source for the quartz crystals. This luxury spirit is priced at £34.75 (plus shipping). Go ahead, enjoy the delicious, smooth Russian vodka which is made from pure water and wheat.

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