Sharp Brings Back The Revered Elite Brand With LED Based LCD Panels

One of the foremost names in consumer electronic products, Sharp Electronics has now announced the company will resurrect the highly popular Elite series of high-end plasma televisions with the introduction of two new LED-based LCD panels. The Elite was originally brought to existence by Pioneer was later licensed to Sharp. The all new Sharp Elite Series will be composed two panels, one being a 60 inch model, while the other will be a 70 inch variant. The 60 inch LED, formally called, PRO-60X5FD will carry a price tag of a substantial $6,000 and the 70 inch model called, PRO-70X5FD will cost about $8,500. These two new LED HDTVs will be far more superior than the current generation LED TVs, most prominently, Panasonic TC-PVT30 series. The all new Elite Series has been designed and developed to be bring an all new perspective to the term home entertainment and immerse the consumers in a whole new experience.

The Elite Series a combination of gorgeous looks and cutting edge technology. This remarkable new line of LED LEC HDTVs have been infused with a unique feature called, FluidMotion, which takes into account the series’ scanning backlight technology and provide magnificent image quality. The Elite Series will be composed of web based connectivity with various online video steaming services such as the likes of Netflix, VUDU, CinemaNow, YouTube etc. along with 3D compatibility and the HDTVs will come packed with two sets of active shutter 3-D glasses for the 3d LCD TVs. To ensure that the consumers can make the best of the LED LCD HDTVs, the Elite Series will Skype ready, where in Skype camera kit will be available as an add on accessory. Sharp technicians will be able conduct a variety of activities such as setup, picture adjustment, or basic calibration via a brand new features called, Elite Advantage LiveSM that will serve as remote desktop for the Elite Series and will be Internet dependent.

According to Tom Evans (Associate V.P, Sharp),

“Over the past 25 years the Elite brand has developed a loyal and avid fan base of audiophiles and videophiles. We are confident that our new line of Elite LCD TVs will appeal to the Elite purists who expect the highest picture quality and experience as well as today’s luxury technology enthusiasts looking for the most innovative products to outfit their digitally connected homes.”

Via Cnet 

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