Would You Pay £285 For Portable Speakers Made From Jerry Cans?

Your search for portable speakers to bring that spark to your party could soon be over. But only if you do not mind having a couple of jerry cans strewn across the room. A lot of people would scoff at the idea of putting jerry cans in their living room or entertainment space. Nevertheless, if you are open to a few quirky additions to your home décor, the Jerry portable speakers should do the trick.

Designer Ben Parker came up with the idea of these unique portable speakers. Wondering why he designed them to look like jerry cans? Put simply, it is because they are jerry cans. Parker collected jerry cans, recycled them and gave them a new lease of life as portable speakers.  In fact, now that we see Parker’s vision for these jerry cans translated into these cool speakers, I cannot help but wonder why nobody thought of it earlier. The jerry cans look like they were born to be speakers. Parker has of course added his own quirky touches to these babies. So they feature built-in handles and recycled insulation as well.

Weighing 20 kgs, these portable speakers measure 470 mm in height, 330 mm in width and 160 mm in depth. You can get them in a variety of fun colors as well. Choose from among black, white, cherry red (shown above), apple green, cheeky pink, duck egg blue and pumpkin orange. The price tag for these Jerry portable speakers is £285.

Via: Technabob

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