Famed Wine Enthusiast Berlucchi Gifts A One Of A Kind Wine Bootle To President Barack Obama

You might be insanely rich or maybe the owner of the biggest conglomerate on the planet, yet you can never measure against the class and reputation that comes along with the title of the President of United States of America. This is exactly the kind of revere that President Barack Obama enjoys, especially on birthday. One of the most famous wine enthusiasts, Berlucchi has now crafted the perfect gift for President Obama, who is known to be wine connoisseur himself. For Mr Obama’s birthday, Berlucchi has designed a magnificent wine bottle that not only represents his love for wines but also showcases his respect for the U.S President. The gorgeous wine bottle comes with exquisite Italian wine and the bottle itself has been designed to honor the U.S national flag as well as the Oval Office. President Obama will be celebrating his 50th birthday on August 4th, 2011 and this one off wine bottle is definitely a bespoke gift marking the occasion.

The wine bottle from Berlucchi has been designed with utmost care and with a deep attention to detail. The wine bottle carries special covering that has been crafted from a unique white optical material. The top of the bottle has been given a shade of blue with stars depicting the U.S national flag.

Furthermore, the bottle is also carved with the words, ‘Happy Birthday Mr. Obama’ in color patterns that further symbolizes the national flag and pays tribute to the most powerful leader of the free world. Berlucchi has also mentioned the wine variety, which is a  ‘61 Brut Franciacorta’ in black letters encircled with a golden oval. President Obama is also known to be an avid wine enthusiast and has his very own collection of 10,000 bottles including some of the finest Italian and French wines.

Via Espresso Republica

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