Dottling Presents Collector Rooms To Safeguard Your Priceless Possessions

Over the years Dottling has established itself as one of the leading names in the world to design and craft high-end luxury safes. Since its founding in 1919, the German firm has traveled a long way. Sometime ago, I had written about the Dottling Colosimo, a specialized luxury safe that was being marketed as the smallest watch winding watch ever. Now, the latest innovation from Dottling is something they are calling “Collector Rooms”. These are targeted at people who have large private collections, whether of watches, jewelry, weapons, or maybe even stamps.

The Dottling collector rooms are an exceptional setting for precious items that need extra special care and protection. The Dottling collector rooms concept is a specialized range that will appeal to architects and property planners as well as end customers with private collections.

Dottling is currently offering two variations of its collector rooms. The first is a fully secured room that boasts of Dottling’s high-security access. The other features a number of Dottling safes but can be entered regularly. In both variations, the Dottling safes blend in with the surroundings. Gone are the days when collectors and the superrich were forced to hide their most precious items within ugly safes that hid behind paintings.

Dottling’s expert artisans are willing to work with architects and interior designers to create collectors rooms according to given specifications. However, end customers can avail of Dottling’s design and planning services as well when ordering a special collector room. The German firm will take care of everything from on-site measuring to production, delivery and mounting.

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