Goldvish Introduces The Remarkably Stunning Goldvish Equilibrium Luxury Mobile Phone

The world of luxury is one that is on an expansion drive nearly every day as more and more products as well as services are being introduced in the markets from manufacturers across the globe. Luxury gadgets, especially mobile phones have now become the epitome of class and elegance, especially when they are designed and developed by world renowned Swiss manufacturer, Goldvish Luxury Communications. Goldvish has now come out with an addition to its luxury mobile phones portfolio with the all new, Goldvish Equilibrium. Goldvish is considered to be an expert in luxury GSM mobile phones and is committed towards providing bespoke gadgetry to its customers. The all new Equilibrium has been designed to provide the users with the function of twin Sim slots, which provide the users with an opportunity to use two numbers, thereby segregating their personal and professional lives.

The astounding Goldvish Equilibrium luxury mobile phone carries a stunning design that rival the likes of those created by Vertu and comes with a magnificent 115 CT grade-A scratch resistant natural Sapphire that has been placed above the display. This Sapphire adds to the already elegant beauty of the Equilibrium, while the body of the phone has been crafted from 16L Stainless Steel, Titanium or space grade Aluminum. Apart from these extraordinary finishes, the Goldvish Equilibrium has also been provided with 18K Gold or Platinum touches. This majestic handset comes in an 8GB internal storage model as well as miniUSB connection. Furthermore, the Equilibrium features a camera, Bluetooth, MP3 & MP4 support, along with stereo FM.

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