Leon Verres Returns With Billionaire Vodka Worth $3.7 Million

Some people are happy enough with their Absolut Vodka. But to others, the value of a bottle of vodka is determined not just by the liquor, but also by the container itself. That may be one reason why the Belver Bears Vodka created so much hype at Cannes earlier this year. That may also be the reason why luxury designer Leon Verres has used his creative skills to develop the Billionaire Vodka.

In the past, Verres has grabbed headlines for his Billionaire Champagne, which was the world’s most expensive champagne at the time. So there can be no questions about Verres’ ability to give high-end spirits a luxurious twist. In fact, Verres’ soon-to-release Billionaire Vodka is set to be the world’s most expensive vodka. One bottle of this pricey spirit costs $3.7 million.

Verres’ website proclaims: “Leon Verres makes purest vodka meet noble diamonds”. How true! A bottle of Billionaire Vodka holds 5 liters of soft, pure vodka. The vodka is created using a secret Russian recipe. The process involves distilling wheat and pure water and filtering the solution several times over. During the special (and top-secret) distillation process, the liquor is also made to flow over diamonds worth millions of dollars. Truly, when you drink Billionaire Vodka, you will be drinking the essence of those diamonds.

Meanwhile, the bottle itself is adorned with 3,000 sparkling diamonds as though on a dress. The bottles of the first collection are made of heavy glass with a violet hue. Swarovski crystals dot the “i”s in the label “Billionaire Vodka”. Even the cork boasts of an unusual almost space-age design.

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