Divorcee Sales: A New Luxury Shopping Trend

There is a new trend on the luxury shopping scene: divorcee sales. The number of divorces may not be dropping, but divorced women now have a new method of finding closure. Many former wives who used to dress glamorously to suit their husband’s status and profession, appear keen to sell off remembrances of their former husbands. The profit potential is of course a plus for women who could do with the extra liquid cash.

The Divorcee Sale offers women a chance to move on from a failed marriage and in the process get rid of excess luxury handbags, diamonds and dresses. Women may not generally be willing to cast off their designer possessions, but divorcees seem more than happy to part with those duds. So Divorcee Sales are often filled with Louis Vuitton bags, Dolce and Gabbana dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes and more. If you do not mind wearing seconds, Divorcee Sales offer a brilliant opportunity to get your hands on cast off designer items at bargain prices.

At a recently concluded divorcee sale in Southern California, buyers found $2,000 Chloe bags are available at a quarter of their retail price and a Diane von Furstenburg dress for as little as $30. And that is just the start. Former Tory Burch manager Jill Alexander hit upon the idea when she encountered newly divorced friends and clients looking to start afresh. To do that, they needed some extra cash. Selling off the surpluses from their wardrobe appeared to be a good starting point. And thus it began. In recent times, several upscale hotels have hosted divorcee sales. The trend looks set to continue.

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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