Sky Heels: The $1,000 Footwear that Could Twist your Ankles

Imelda Marcos was notorious for her shoe fetish. Wearing shoes and footwear could turn into an obsession if you cannot find a way to relieve the underlying anxiety of ‘not possessing’ something important. One of the ways to get rid of this anxiety is by actually fuelling the fire of the root cause. If you have a footwear fetish, you could tell yourself that you would buy the best and no less.

That would help you make informed decisions about what you want to buy, and one of the choices could be Finsk Project 2. It comes with heels of 6.5 inches and you might want to be careful where you step and how. The shoes are manufactured in Brazil and are an example of how cool the company and the country really is. All that you should worry about is how to make sure that you do not twist your ankle if you are walking a little too fast or run.

The shoes are expected to cost 41,000 and that is not really very expensive if you asked me. Thus, if you wanted to buy the best and also not spend a lot of money you could try and get yourself the Finsk Project 2. You could also take a look at Lady Gaga shoes, Heel less High heels, and also the High Heels we have featured earlier. I am sure these would quench your thirst for shoes! So go ahead, and get these chic shoes for yourself before they get bought by someone else.

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