Swiss Artist Dante Announces 24-karat Ferrari 250 GTO Sculpture

One of the most important luxury icons in the world is Ferrari. The automobile company has the capacity to create a revolution all over the world only by launching or announcing a simple car accessory. Thus, when there is an art work that is associated with Ferrari, and also has got something to do with the yellow metal, who wouldn’t notice? Swiss artist Dante is known for obscenely expensive sculptures of cars and this time around he has announced the 24-karat Ferrari 250 GTO sculpture.

It would be exhibited at the Pebble Beach, California next month. It is not even clear how much this is going to cost, and you could only imagine how much it might have cost. Of course, all that one needs to do is look at it and take a few pictures and gawk over it for a while and go home. If you chose to buy this piece of art just for the sake of gold or the name of Ferrari, you just might be another bling obsessed luxury name toting goon.

If you have the money to spend on a car like this, you should rather spend money on Monet or Picasso, and hang them all over your wall. I am sure that makes a lot more sense than buying golden sculptures of cars. I would say, you just need to get a hang on yourself before thinking about buying this car sculpture. Car lovers and art lovers surely do go together, but that does not mean you have to purchase the skeleton of a golden Ferrari car!

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