Presenting ‘Pensmore’ Hailed As One Of The Biggest & Most Energy Efficient Homes In The U.S

Eco-friendly houses that are designed and developed to run on sustainable as well as renewable energies are nothing new in today’s technology oriented lifestyle. However, an energy efficient mega mansion kind of taking the idea to the limit and that is exactly what ‘Pensmore’, a chateau-style mansion rural Christian County, Missouri is all about. The Ozark Mountains estate has been under construction for the last two years and is expected to be completed in the year 2013. The mega mansion was commissioned by Steven Huff, chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems who wishes to makes use of the Pensmore as his secondary residence, envisioned the creation of an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable luxury mansion that would also be incorporated with every sort of amenity imaginable. The Pensmore will be comprised of 13 bedrooms, 14 baths and spreads across 72,000 square feet, on a private plot of land that is said to be more than 500 acres.

Since the beginning of construction, there have been numerous rumors in regards to the occupants of the Pensmore, ranging from Hollywood celebrity couple, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie to a military bunker given to the U.S Army. This magnificent mega mansion has been designed to be earthquake and tornado resistant, in a region where tornadoes are a constant source of devastation. The Pensmore is being built entirely of concrete and the concrete itself has been reinforced with “Helix” steel fibers that provided added protection against the above mentioned forces of nature. However, the most astounding feature of Pensmore is its ability to be run via solar power and geothermal energy. The heating system installed inside the mansion will be powered by solar energy as well as by geo-thermal energy, while the system can even be fed via trees that are grown on the property.

According to Steven Huff,

“We are in the process of building both a home for my family and, more importantly, a living laboratory for energy-efficiency and disaster resistant technology for years to come. Once the rumors die down, we are confident that the ultimate takeaway will be a scalable model for everything from private homes to the schools, hospitals, libraries and office buildings of the future, here in the U.S. and around the world.”

Via Forbes

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