Steampunk Workspace Set by Roman & Williams Cost $44,000

If you are a sucker for all things Steampunk, you are gonna love what you are going to read below. Of course, we Steampunk lovers know that it is neither about technology or being vintage, it is about the wistful knowledge that tells us that life can sometimes be hollow and empty, and that we need to ‘fill’ this emptiness by doing something.

Perhaps that is exactly why humans are constantly engaged in ‘purposeful’ activities such as scientific research and building new technologies. It gives mankind a sense of purpose and helps them to forget that they are animals. So, if you are into Steampunk and wanted to accessorize your home or office, you could try and get these really cool office furniture that were announced at the McMasterpieces show for ICFF 2011, by Roman & Williams. Much of the furniture is made from brass, rubber and lead.

There is a workstation called ‘Leaden Table’ and other furniture such as the “Schopfung Stool,” “Snorker Lamp,” and “Heavy-ass Shelf.”I am not sure why the chair would be called ‘Heavy-ass Shelf’ as most of us here are almost anorexic and if we stop eating anymore, we probably would survive to check out more Steampunk products. The office or home Steampunk workstation set costs $44,000 and I totally love it. I would say, these are the little things in life that help us to forget that we are just organic. And that is also what the Steampunk movement is all about – humankind’s dystopian existence. Read about the Sculpted Modern Workstation too.

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