Moet & Chandon and Mosley Tribes Announce the Rose Lounge Event

Living the high roller’s life is not all about buying diamonds, gold or investing in luxury properties. It is a lifestyle that most people with many actually may not understand. It comes with a keen sense of fashion, a taste in luxury and of course a certain individuality that could be maintained in spite of reckless marketing by luxury PR hounds. Moet & Chandon  and Mosley Tribes aim to celebrate this individuality and encourage people to live their luxury life the way they choose to.

Being luxury leaders, their say has a lot of meaning and they are launching the Rose Lounge in New York City. Moet & Chandon and Mosley Tribes are highly regarded brands and the first is a luxury wine company which has joined Louis Vuitton to bring fashion brands under one umbrella. The other is known for its quirky yet luxurious sunglasses. The event includes a lavish get together in a top flight location. Moreover, you would be served with expensive bottles of rose and a gift of spectacular Moet Rose Sunglasses.

These sunglasses include Photochromic mineral glass lens which are capable of adjusting to different light conditions. Kelly Rowland performance is one of the highlights of the event as well. The Rose Lounge event would be held in other cities like Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta. Moet & Chandon is one of the most important brands in the field of luxury and you should not be surprised to find that a lot of people would be trying to grab this opportunity.

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