How Swarovski’s 2011 Watch Collection Help You to Not Look Too Randy

Sometimes when we think about going on a date, all that we worry about is if the other person would mind if we got a little too randy after a couple of drinks. The problem with the dating game is, the society expects you to be coy or chivalrous on the first day, and again meet the person on some other occasion if you want to get randy. However, wenches like me have a different style of dating. The modus operandi is to get drunk with the date, and get laid.

Of course it does not have to be in that order. One could get laid and while getting drunk, or even before that. So, those people for whom getting laid is the main objective of meeting a guy, it is important to look classy and not end up looking like a tart. If you have the moolah, there are many ways of pretending to be classy and sophisticated, while all that you want is something poked inside you. One of the ways in which you could try and look classy is to wear a lot of Swarovski crystals. Guy usually fall for that trap (the target audience here is straight women).

Swarovski have just announced Elis Bangle, Elis Mini and Octea Sport watches which look pretty good if you asked me. There are only 1,000 pieces available for sale, and the Eli Bangle comes with crystal mesh and features 744 crystals. The matt purple dial with a sunray satin centre is good enough to prove that you are classy, and not just a nympho. I am not sure how much these cost, but it doesn’t matter as long as you can afford luxury watch collections.

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