Introducing The All New Gorgeous Swipespot Tablet Stand For Apple iPad

Since the arrival of the world’s most cherished tablet device, Apple iPad  last year, there has been an incredible flow of iPad accessories in the markets that are designed to bring out the best of the tablet. You might remember the DuPont iPad Conference Table for workplace, which has further ensured that the iPad is a highly versatile device that can be used in a variety of roles. Now, Swipespot, Netherlands based company has come out with a remarkable new product in the form of the Swipespot Tablet Stand that has been designed to accommodate the iPad, as well as a handful of other tablet devices such as the likes of Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. The idea behind Swipespot is to provide a user friendly tablet stand that can not only be of immense benefits to customers at a retail store or at a hospital, but it also keeps the device securely locked in the stand.

The Swipespot Tablet Stand allows the users to choose from a wide variety of top metal plate color and finishing and the commercial buyers can even opt for getting their company logos engraved along with LED lights. Ideal for exhibitions and product launches, this remarkable tablet stand has been engineered to provide a state of the art anti-theft mechanism for the tablets docked in the stand. To reduce the chances of a break-in or damage to the tablets, the outer shell of the stand, beneath which the tablets are securely placed is made from force resistant materials. Furthermore, for prolonged uses, the Swipespot tablet stand comes with an option integrated power supply that ensures continuous power supply to the devices. The Swipespot Tablet Stand is available for purchase and carries a price tag of $2,125.

Via Design Spotter & Dutch Daily News

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