Macally Korea Introduces SmartMate, A New IPad 2 Case

If you have an iPad, you are going to need an iPad case. But not everyone can afford those luxury iPad cases that come with exorbitant price tags running into thousands of dollars. For those that do not have ridiculous amounts of money to spend on Swarovski encrusted iPad cases, Macally Korea‘s upcoming “SmartMate” case should be just the thing.

SmartMate is essentially a customized SmartCover case for the iPad 2. The idea is to give greater protection to the Apple SmartCover, one that ensures it does not separate from your new iPad 2. The SmartCase is easily attachable and detachable. Moreover, this iPad 2 case is lightweight in structure and offers elasticity, but does not compromise on durability.

The SmartMate from Macally Korea is designed to offer an extra layer of protection to your iPad 2. It is built to remain in place with the cover. The SmartMate then remains secure and you need not worry about it getting detached. The SmartMate also ensures that iPad 2 users have easy access to all the controls and connection points. Moreover, the case is built out of a soft rubberized material to ensure a better grip. And the hardshell case ensures that the back portion of your iPad 2 remains protected from scratches and bumps.

Available in two colors, black and white, the SmartMate will be soon be up for sale in USA, Europe, Brazil and Korea and the Macally website. These functional iPad cases will cost $29.99 in the US and 29,800 KRW in Korea.


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