Life-Sized Replica Of Famous Globe Theater Now Up For Sale On eBay

The life sized replica of the famous Globe Theater that was given as a gift to the artistic chief of Shakespeare Company Berlin, Christian Leonard is now reportedly made available of sale on the popular online auction site, eBay. This remarkable replica was designed for the shoot of ‘Anonymous’, a Hollywood movie about William Shakespeare and the movie was directed by Ronald Emmerich, who shot to fame with the Hollywood blockbuster, Independence Day.  The Globe Theater replica was initially developed to be used in the move that also feature some 30 artists from the Shakespeare Company Berlin, while Mr. Emmerich dedicated the replica to Mr. Leonard as a token of gratitude. Anonymous starred Vanessa Redgrave and Rhys Ifans and the Globe Theater replica depicted in the movie was constructed at a cost of $716,000.

However, ever since the Globe Theater gift, Mr. Leonard has been finding it extremely difficult to locate sponsors who can provide the financial assistance in the establishment and subsequent maintenance of this marvelous three storey replica. The replica is an exact depiction of the theater that played host to Shakespeare’s plays some 400 years ago. The replica is more than capable of accommodating 700 seats and as per the latest reports, this magnificent theater is schedule for dismantle by July 30th, 2011. The decision to remove the structure has been taken to make room for the production of ‘Cloud Atlas’, starring Tom Hanks and beings hailed as most expensive German film of all time.

According to Christian Leonard,

“I fell in love with the theatre and if you’re passionately in love, you don’t let the object of your desire go. I want to see plays put on in this theatre, not have it land in the trash. I have two small children and no savings. My dream, after 12 years, is unfortunately still unfulfilled so I need a lot of patience. Remember — (actor and director) Sam Wanamaker took 30 years to rebuild the Globe (in London) and that was in Shakespeare’s home country. But I don’t want to wait that long.”

Via Yahoo! News & Times Of Malta

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