Hayabusa Superbike Featured Jennifer Lopez Commercial Now Up For Sale

Chicks on motorcycles, especially superbikes such as the likes of Suzuki Hayabusa have always the object of admiration and exuberate a unique at time unexplainable rush. Same happened with a commercial shot for the beverage king, Pepsi, in which the world renowned Pop star, Jennifer Lopez rode a gorgeous Hayabusa. Now, seven years later that iconic Hayabusa that was ridden by J. Lo and another Hayabusa ridden by Beyoncé for the same commercial have been put up for sale. This unique sale will not only guarantee the buyer a stunning and magnificently powerful Hayabusa superbike, but the owner will also be taking home a piece of star studded history. The Hayabusa bike in question has been taken to some of the most high profile cities in the world such as London and Hong for the commercial shoot. The Hayabusa designed for Beyoncé is already to have been bought by a private buyer and now only J Lo’s superbike remains.

This gorgeous superbike was custom painted and this remarkable Hayabusa carried special designing artwork as well as custom lighting that has been placed strategically under the bike. However, the most striking fact about this one of a kind superbike is that it has only registered 100 miles and after the completion of the Pepsi commercial, this heartthrob was stored in a temperature controlled chamber. As per the details of the current sale effort, the buyer of this unique Hayabusa will also be given the Pepsi ad memorabilia that will be composed of photographs of Jennifer Lopez. The custom painted J. Lo Hayabusa is currently awaiting its buyer, who can afford the $32,588 price tag that comes with the super bike.

Via Auto Evolution

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