Presenting The All New Spectacular Multi-Games Table From Chevillotte. Game On! In Style

Be it pool or billiards, this gentleman’s game has always been considered to be the forte of the rich and affluent because let’s get realistic, no matter how much time we spend in a bar playing pool, it’s nearly always beyond our reach to get a brand new high end pool or billiards table due to the hefty price they carry. However, right now I have no intention of complaining about the price tags, but would like to introduce an all new pool table that has been designed and developed with various other functions in mind as well. Manufactured by Chevillotte, a leading name in luxury billiards tables and accessories has now introduced the Multi-Games Table 150, a remarkable pool table that can be used to play pool, poker and various other games on a single table.

Chevillotte collaborated with renowned designer Eric Raffy to design and developed this one of a kind pool table. Mr. Raffy is best known for his incredibly creative work during the renovation of the Clinton Hotel at Miami Beach. The multi games table is not only highly versatile but is also drop-dead gorgeous, exuberating immense style, elegance and a class befitting the customers of Chevillotte. The company came up with the idea for the multi games table 150 as a perfect tribute to the Chevillotte’s 150 years of exquisite existence. The Multi Games Table 150 has been introduced in a variety of woods such as the likes of oak, ebony, cherry tinted and mahogany, while every table is also given mirror metal finish legs. The table itself features an aluminum board for backgammon along with a green board that has been infused with a chess board, thereby enabling the players to play chess, bridge and poker. The remarkable and one of a kind Multi Games Table 150 begins with a price tag of $4,005 and can go up to $5,025.

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