House of Faberge Release First Collection of the Legendary Eggs Since 1917

The House of Faberge, the famous creators of the imperial eggs for the rulers of Russia had to close shop abruptly after the Russian revolution in 1917. Prior to the revolution Peter Carl Faberge had attracted global attention by creating the gem encrusted eggs for Russia’s imperial family, the Ramanov’s. The revolution changed the course of the lives of the people of Russia and after a long innings of the socialist rulers the private enterprise and luxury has come to the fore all over again.

The imperial family is no more but there place has been taken up by the new rich and the business tycoons who are being noticed for their lavish lifestyle all over the world. Faberge has finally revived the creation of the famous eggs for the first time since the Russian revolution in 1917. They have released an exquisite new collection of jeweled eggs that pay homage to the Imperial Eggs created by Peter. In fact two distinct collections have been created and are called the Les Fameux de Faberge and Les Frissons de Faberge collections of fine egg pendants.

The pendants in both the collections have lightweight titanium bases encrusted with diamonds and precious gems. The most extravagant egg in the collection is the Diaghilev Egg which is covered with diamonds and rubies and has been priced at US$600,000. The Russian revolution had caused an abrupt end to the Romanov dynasty and along with it the House of Faberge. Brian Gilbertson, chairman of Pallinghurst Resources, is Faberge’s main shareholder and is committed to reintroducing the Faberge brand in the global market. He is confident that the brand will get back its historic glory.


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