Timekeeper is Personal Computer with a Vintage Clock Exterior

The digital technology killed the old vintage clocks. You do have some clock towers that are still maintained as a heritage but it has become extremely rare to find a grandfather clock in a home. Earlier these clocks used to be the centerpiece of the living area. Very often the moving parts of the clock were visible and one could see the moving to make the clock tick. The mechanical ticking sound was audible and kept to a regular beat. Some lover of clocks and steampunk art has put a computer inside a vintage clock exterior.

It is called the Timekeeper and is basically a fully functional Windows 7 computer. The exterior does look like a vintage clock but there are no detailing to make it a true replica of a vintage clock. It is a special handmade case for those who appreciate the styling of the yesteryears. Some people live in nostalgia and always refer to it as the golden era. The computer however is a zippy and modern Athlon 64 Dual Core 4400+ CPU. The entire configuration makes it a modern and powerful personal computer.

What makes it different than a routine computer is its amazing looks. However, the placement of the optical drive at the bottom of the clock looks very out of place in the vintage clock exterior of the computer. A slot loading drive would have looked more compatible with the overall exterior. Some of us may find the price at $1,099 a little steep for a personal computer but one must remember that it is an unusual design and one has to pay for it. You must look at the shipping details closely before ordering your Timekeeper.

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