The VO Viking Odin Rifle Costs A Whopping $300,000

Hunting may have fallen out of favor over recent centuries, but handmade rifles and rare guns continue to find fans and enthusiastic buyers. Sometime ago, I had come across the most expensive rifle in the world – the VO Falcon Edition from Swedish gun maker VO Vapen. The price tag may have been a deterrent, for the handcrafted rifle cost $820,000, but the sheer design and beauty made it a winner.

The Swedish gun maker has now created a new handmade rifle – the VO Viking Odin. This handmade beauty is the first of a new series being created at the Swedish workshops of VO Vapen. Nicknamed by some as “the rifle of the gods”, this rifle is part of a series of four guns, which will be something of a tribute to the Vikings and their gods.

The VO Viking Odin is dedicated to the Norse god Odin. This mythological character is engraved on the handmade gun in the company of his ravens Hugin and Munin. The engraving is done on a 24-carat gold background. The next guns in the series will similarly be dedicated to other Norse gods or aspects of Viking culture.

Of course, no VO Vapen gun comes cheap, though this one is marginally cheaper than the VO Falcon Edition. Priced at a cool $300,000, this handmade hunting rifle is designed to turn heads. This beautiful weapon is currently available at the gunroom of William & Son, which is located in London. Collectors will surely be queuing up for this beauty, and awaiting the release of the next three guns from the VO Viking Edition collection.


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