Seller of Three Wheeled Messerschmitt KR175 on eBay Expects $26,000

Messerschmitt was originally known for making fighter aircrafts during the World War II. However after the war there was a ban on airplane production in Germany. The company had no other option but to diversify into other sectors for survival. They tried their hand in the auto industry with the creation of three wheeled Messerschmitt KR175. One of the surviving functional pieces has been put up on eBay for sale. From the response it has received from bidders, it does seem that there are people out there who are interested in the German bubble cars.

The micro car enthusiasts would be knowing all about the bubble car but for a layman it is a weird vehicle. One must see the vehicle in its right perspective. Germany was totally devastated after the war and KR175 was the first model introduced by Messerschmitt in 1953 which was suitable for the German public who only had limited means at the time as the rebuilding process had just been taken up. This model was replaced by the KR200 model in 1955 and the company eventually stopped its production when regular four wheeled came into the market in good numbers.

The KR 175 on eBay is a 1954 production which has been restored at some point. The vehicle is fully functional at the moment. Beyond that there isn’t much information available about the vehicle. The three wheeled vehicle has an acrylic hinged bubble top. The most interesting aspect about the car is that it does not have steering wheels but handle bars like a motorcycle. It has throttle instead of a conventional gas pedal. There is just over a week left before the bidding stops and the price has reached $20,000. However the price being advertised on the dealer’s website is $26,000.

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