Bob Patric’s Uber-chic Bike Grabs Attention

The new concept bike from Deeplocal who are the designers and manufacturers of this special bike have successfully carried out experiments on the bike by installing a transmitter to neuron helmet which is a salient feature and acts as a remote control where the riders can have control over the gears with the help of their mind without using their limbs.

Toyota prius projects concept bike is a new two wheeler that looks very sturdy and elegant designed and fabricated by Parlee cycles, precisely developed according to sketches and drawing. The modified new technology has been implemented with the assistance of Deeplocals, a Pittsburgh-based design house. This concept bike carries neuron helmet which is made in Boston, with elegant frame which is in white finish unlike the earlier prototype carbon black case.  Assembly of bike is done by properly tightening of the hardware.

All credit goes to Bob Patric for his keen interest and skill. The bike is tested for its mobility by specially trained riders from Parlee. The testing is done actually by riding the bike wearing the neuron helmet. The ride would be very comfortable and smooth with each peddling. The bike carries a smart phone which monitors the heart rates and speed of the bike etc. Anybody can imitate the technology or this new concept bike.

All parts of the bike are visible clearly to everybody. After all, it has to be driven manually by a human being; whatever be the modification, improvement, and change in looks are made. The basic principle, the frame which is connected between wheels and peddles remains the same as its original concept and its mechanical aspect that is its movement depends on its rider. But still this technically and scientifically modified unique bike may attract customers in world market where the future of the bike lies.

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