Pennwick’s New Luxury Golf Carts Look Like Lamborghinis

Golf carts for the super rich are unlike the ones used by most other golf players and enthusiasts. Providing luxury golf carts for this niche market is Pennwick, a company in Springville, Utah. The company, which was founded in March 2009 is the world’s largest producer of custom golf carts, estate vehicles and electric carts.

The company is known for golf carts that are modeled on luxury car styles. So we have the very popular Brooklyn, whose starting price is $16,500. Going high on retro is The Smoothster, which comes with a jump seat and prices starting from $15,500. The Rolls-Royce also gets representation with The Shadow, which comes for a base price of $16,900. Plus, there is The ’56 with its signature grill, no-nonsense appeal and a base price of $16,500. Most recently, Pennwick designed a golf cart that resembles a flaming red Italian luxury sports car, the Lamborghini.

This Italian sports car-like golf cart has all the usual features associated with Pennwick’s custom golf carts. As is the case with regular cars, this Italian sports car golf cart is fitted with headlights, taillights and side mirrors. They also include turn signals, electric horns. Plus, there is a 48 volt charging system along with battery charge and hour meters.

Customers are given various customizable options. The 4-seater cart can be upgraded to a 6-seater one. Buyers can opt for a gas-powered chassis, leather seats, a hard top and a golf bag holder. Also on offer are 15″ Rims, a stereo package and a chrome tilt steering column.

Then again, these are golf carts and not real sports cars. So do not expect to hit speeds higher than 20mph.

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