Diamond Encrusted Lens can Bring Some Sparkle to your Eyes

Gold and diamond do come handy in embellishing almost anything and everything. But giving your eyes the golden or sparkly diamond treatment seems to be stretching it a bit too far. A new contact lens has been designed which are said to be filled with gold and diamonds. As you can see in the photographs, it gives your eyes a very sparkly but unearthly effect. The concept of this unusual lens comes from Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan and has been designed and created by Dr. Sanjay Shah.

These lenses would be created for a limited edition release and would be custom made for each individual who would like to bring some sparkle to his or her eyes. Dr. Chawan, when asked as to why he thought of putting diamond in a lens said that people like wearing diamonds on their teeth so why not in the eye? The logic simplifies the situation and does not take into account the fact that diamonds are the hardest known natural substance to mankind and keeping them next to the cornea might not be advisable.

The lenses are encrusted with 18 diamonds each on a gold plate and will weigh 5 grams each which is rather heavy for a lens. However on the positive side it will be about 9mm away from the cornea and will hold water to give the eyes a soothing effect. But the most positive thing about the lens is the cause for which it is being created. The profits from the lenses will be used to treat a patient in need suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome, free of cost. The yellow gold lenses have been priced at $11,000 and the diamond lenses will cost you $15,000. The lenses will be accompanied with a certificate authenticating the diamonds.

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