The New Hotel in Athens Designed by Campana Brothers Evoke Traditional Greek Themes and Historic Past

Renowned Brazilian designer brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana have recently unveiled their latest project – The New Hotel in Athens, it belongs to YES Hotel chain. What is unique about this hotel is that famed Brazilian duo have gone deep into Greece’s tradition, history and created unconventional rooms and spaces displaying ancient Greek themes like Karagiozis, evil eye and ancient Athens. The property which is located in the center Athens has 79 rooms and every room has greek themes, characters decorated walls.

The interesting aspect of Campano brother’s design is the juxtaposing of old with new in the form of a collage. While there are modern Campano brother’s signature furniture fans, handmade chairs and lamps and rooms come filled with brass washbasins and Kiehls and Clarins stuff, the walls are adorned with Greek themes and characters, handmade glass beads illuminated with light and ancient historical images. Rooms and spaces bring alive the essence and spirit of Athens which is right at the root of human civilization.

The New Hotel building is the same property which used to be Olympic Hotel once upon a time. As if to keep the old memory alive, the old marble staircase and some other features of old architectural marvel have not been replaced or restructured.  I am sure it will be quite an experience to spend a night in such a hotel where themes, characters on walls and old staircases speak visually about historic city of Athens. It will be an unique historic and artistic journey into the past, it is an excellent long overdue ode to the ancient city of Athens.

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