A Luxury Eco-Island Resort Is The Newest Tourist Attraction In Cambodia

Undecided about where to go for your winter vacations this year? How about trying something completely new? Rather than book a holiday at the usual vacation destinations in the US and Europe, grab a flight to Cambodia instead. This December, luxury tourists will get their first taste of a luxury eco-island resort at this nation in Southeast Asia.

Named Song Saa, the new private island resort will combine conservation and luxury, heralding a new chapter in the tourism story of this country. According to reports, this luxury island resort is only the first in a series of similar resorts which will be coming up in the near future.

In the Khymer language, Song Saa means “The Sweethearts”. The name probably refers to the two neighboring islands that make up this luxury eco-island resort. The untouched islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong have been connected via a recently constructed footbridge that stands above a marine reserve. The two islands are located off the coast of Sihanoukville. However, getting there will not be easy by any means. After all, getting to a natural paradise involves moving away from the bustle of the cities. And Sihanoukville stands in the Koh Rong archipelago, which is hard to reach.

Once you reach Song Saa, however, prepare to be mesmerized by the surrounding natural beauty. One of the islands is home to the luxury resorts’ exquisite villas. Guests at Song Saa will be able to choose from 25 villas that stand on the beach, in the rainforest and over water. The commitment to conservation is evident right here, for the luxury villas and the furniture inside have been built using restored driftwood that were recovered from the beaches. The other island will house the spa and the wellness center. Guests can head here early in the morning to practice yoga during sunrise. Also on offer is an infinity edge swimming pool and watersports by the beachfront.

The white sand beaches provide the ideal setting for a romantic honeymoon. But tourists can also go snorkeling (you could spot dugongs and seahorses) or explore the nearby reefs and rainforests. Sailing enthusiasts could also sail to the other nearby islands. Another selling point of the Song Saa resort is the Vista restaurant and lounge – an international standard restaurant that offers guests not just excellent food but also a panoramic view of the sea. The ecological program at the luxury resort allows guests to experience the rich marine life as well as the virgin rainforests in the area.

The owners of Song Saa, Australians Rory and Melita Hunter, worked intensively with the government, conservationists, marine biologists and others to create this pioneering new resort that paves the way for similar developments in the near future. The aim was to protect the environment and the livelihoods of the local people.

A trip to Cambodia is never complete without a trip to Angkor Wat. And now that the 11th-century Baphuon temple has been reopened after forty years, after £9 million worth of restoration, luxury tourists have yet another reason to fly to Song Saa for the winter.

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