Garish Golden Chandelier Made of 24 Carat Gold Blinds You with Its Bling

Swedish design trio Form Us with Love have unveiled a dazzling chandelier that comes with 91 work lamps to make your eyes blind. Each of the lamps are covered with 24 carat gold to make them look as obscenely decadent as possible. Thanks to 1100 cables together and an interactive installation, you could play different patterns on the lamp and it sort of becomes an interactive chandelier. The lamp costs almost $29,000. The creators’ idea was to make something that is considered greasy, beautiful.

It would be available on demand. Let me tell you something. No matter what you do with the yellow metal, it always ends up looking bad. If you follow French fashion even remotely, you would know that oxidized platinum, carbon and other stuff that are achromatic are what you should be looking at. Not some garish yellow stuff that blings so hard that you would need sunglasses to stay within your room. Moreover, if you get a chandelier that costs $29k just for your living room or wherever else, you are plain nuts!

It could possibly be used in one of those tasteless hotels in the Middle East or South Asia that pass off as luxury hotels, with the amount of gold and crystals they use in every possible place. There are certain things that people will never understand. When will people begin to understand that fashion or style, or even luxury is not about gold or diamonds, but about being chic, elegant and minimalist by using achromatic colours? I guess, never.

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