Black Unveils Gold Knob Accessory for High-end Cars

It becomes inevitable to consume expensive, luxury and high-end brands of cars if you choose to live the high roller’s life. You may like to display your opulence by upgrading with expensive interior accessory of Italian brand Black. You might go to the extent of forgoing your little comforts cutting down your expenses for the sake of your focused attention on the luxurious gold knob. These knobs are designed and manufactured in Italy can be assembled with precision, which are designed by specialized artisans.

The embellishment of interior of your car with gold knob is an expression of your own identity. Enter the Black world materializing your dream into reality with customized luxury car.

The Black, Italian company has created the luxurious gold knobs as gorgeous accessory of your car, combines sportiness, and elegance. You should be excited to be to possess real gold accessory in your car, isn’t it? Go ahead, drive along and show off its ultimate elegance in a luxury car with a gold shift knob.

Gold knobs by Black is leather wrapped partially with 18 carat gold emphasize the uniqueness. The configuration of manual gear is suitable for the luxury cars like BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes. You could get the gold knobs in black, light brown or brown. Through custom order, other colors are available

Not only does the knob changes the look of interior of the car, the sunlight makes the knob glow. You can customize your name on the top of it. Nine grams of precious metal lessens your precious car’s masculinity increasing its appeal. The price starts at $880 excluding VAT.

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