Aymantion Diamond Sofa Is What You Need to Embellish Your Living Room

You could look at the expensive Aymantion, a unique diamond furniture  and be dumbstruck with astonishment. The amazing creation is aninspiration of music world definitely graces the surroundings. French company, PlumeBlanche designs this handcrafted creation, and is the version of 50’s which will never make its rich appearance again. The bespoke is one of its kinds, really the coolest piece in the furniture universe. It is limited in number of editions with fifty units worldwide. Materials used are of super quality and are 100% renewable and biodegradable.

Aymantion’s refined massive mahogany sofa is dressed up in black lacquer with sparkling shine and a delicate white leather with buttons, platinum encrusted with diamonds. The brand offers the combination of luxury, design, originality and technicality with each piece’s traditional logo of PlumeBlanche decorated with a half carat diamond firmly attached to the armrest, and lights every time you sit on the upholstered seat. This urban collection gives you options to select among sixty leather colours and five hundred colours of lacquers which offer you 30000 possible permutation and combination in assemblies.

If it is subject for normal usage, the creation is guaranteed for ten year. The art work is available from March 13 to March 13 of the year. Once the combination of model is selected it will never be repeated. Your unique Aymantion will be published in the best French design magazine. It is priced at 130000 Euros excluding VAT. The company representatives visit your spot either home or office, and recommend ideal place for the creation before its arrival on the place, after carefully watching the matching factors like lighting, colour and surround. The service analysis would cost 7000 Euros.

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