Second Edition of Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER Wristwatches is More Comprehensive

Buying a Rolex is an investment and should not be done blindly. It is important to know the real value of what you are investing in. You should be sure that what you are buying is the real stuff and not just a cheap imitation. To help their buyers determine if the watch is a genuine Rolex and to make a well informed decision while buying a Rolex “Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER wristwatches” was published and the first edition was a huge success and has been sold out by now.

The second edition or a second version of the publication is already in the pipeline and will contain more recent models with details “essential today for buying and selling GMT-Master watches and to improve the contents of the preceding edition”. The publication starts right from the first models from the 1950s and presents even the current models and creations. The publication targeted at the collectors will also talk about prototypes, military models, bracelets and all case and dial variants. In addition the book will feature collector’s reference numbers.

It is a 25.5 cm by 31.5cm book and is being published in the Italian and English language. The prices are marginally different at $505 and $490 respectively. Mondani Editor believes that it is important to give information which is essential today for buying and selling GMT-Master watches. Bezels, dials and cases are all factors that determine the value of a watch. Collectors have many questions and doubts in their mind and this publication will help dispel these doubts and provide answers to all the questions. The book provides a detailed sheet for every reference and indicates the years of beginning and end of production apart from giving details about the caliber and all the characteristics of the watch.

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