Experience Luxury In The Dubai Desert At The All Maha Desert Resort

How would you like to spend your next luxury vacation among the sand dunes of Dubai? Generally, one does not associate luxury accommodations with life in the desert, but a luxury resort located just outside Dubai promises a lavish experience. The Al Maha Desert Resort is a luxury island standing among the sands of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It is 40 miles southeast of downtown Dubai. And this classy luxury resort promises its well-to-do guests an exceptional holiday experience in the desert peppered with plenty of high-end pampering.

Guests here can live in personal villas with private pools, do some wildlife spotting and head out for one-of-a-kind desert excursions. The scenic beauty is sure to keep the shutterbugs happy, and there is plenty to keep the adrenalin junkie pleased. Watch out for all-inclusive deals and your vacation is made.

The villas on this luxury property are modeled like traditional Bedouin tents. Each villa comes with a private pool and offers residents an uninterrupted view of the desert sands. The prices for these villas begin from $800 for two people, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, a five-course dinner and two daily excursions. If you really want to live a life of luxury though, book the 5,700-square-foot presidential suite. At $10,000 a night, you get to literally live like the Dubai royal family. Before Starwood took over the hotel, the royals used this as their private residence.

There is plenty to do in and around the Al Maha Desert Resort. If you happen to be a wildlife enthusiast looking for a unique wildlife spotting experience, you have reached the right place. You can watch the rare Arabian oryx in its natural environment. Less than a thousand Arabian oryx exist around the world. The conservation reserve was largely built up to support these beautiful animals. But there is more to the Dubai desert than just oryx. Wildlife watchers will also spot gazelles, foxes, sand cats and falcons among the desert sands.

If you are in for a dash of adventure, there are several interesting excursion plans. But you would have to steer clear of the hot afternoons. If you are game for an early morning outing, take a falconry course. If not, sign up for early evening excursion plans. Dune bashing is always a lot of fun. Use the afternoons to laze, nap, swim or grab a spa treatment.

Those missing the rollercoasters of Las Vegas can get the same heart-in-mouth feeling by going dune bashing. An expert dune basher from the Al Maha resort takes guests out for a heart-pounding ride in a Toyota 4×4 SUV. Driving dangerously has never been this much fun. Apparently, this stomach churner of an excursion has got Al Maha guides convincing guests to keep their breakfast plans for after the dune bashing.

You can also learn the traditional Bedouin art of falconry from trained guides. If that is not to your taste, head out on a luxurious camel safari that includes champagne and snacks. Also try riding the Arab horses – though these might be a bit too much for inexperienced riders. If you can’t ride them, take a leisurely stroll through the Al Maha stables. There is plenty to do on these grounds.

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