The Density of Smartphones is the Highest Amongst the Rich and the Young

The market studies often come up with findings that surprise us totally. In fact some of the findings are totally against the popular perceptions. A Pew study about smartphones and the segments who use them has been released and it reveals a lot of facts that would surprise an average reader. Some of the basic facts are that over one third of Americans now have smartphones. Rich people, that is, if your annual income is $75,000 or more you are most likely to have a smartphone. 38 percent of urban and suburban residents and 21 percent of rural residents have smartphones.

The study could not make it clear if there was any co-relation between the lower density of smartphones in rural areas and lesser number of 3G and cell phone towers there. And now for the surprising facts, a larger percentage of the black and Latino population owns smartphones. The study concludes that 44 percent of blacks and Latinos own smartphones whereas for the white population the figure is much lower at 30 percent. If you look at the younger consumers aged between 18 and 29 years the smartphone density is 39 percent even amongst consumers who earn less than $30,000 a year.

Another conclusion of the study that supports the popular perception is that most of the people love their cell phones. It is only a small section of people who hate their phone or find it irritating or annoying. The handset manufacturers will find the conclusions of the study very encouraging as young consumers seem to be sacrificing their other needs to be able to buy a high end set. As they grow older and more affluent they will definitely like to upgrade to superior sets and that is good news for the manufacturers.

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