Seabreacher X, a Boat that Looks like a Shark and Behaves like One

This watercraft is the most unusual one not only because of its capabilities but because of its exterior design as well. Its exterior has been redesigned with a shark style body. Called the Seabreacher X, it is the latest and the most advanced submersible watercraft that is available right now. The Seabreacher X is a two seater boat and the first thing that attracts you is its looks and its exterior design. It looks like a great white shark and when you get inside you realize that it performs like one as well.

The Seabreacher X has a 260hp supercharged engine that boosts its performance and allows it to travel at speeds of 50 mph on the surface and 25 mph underwater. The boat can be maneuvered to replicate a shark’s moves. The boat while coming out of water can not only clear the water fully but make a clear jump of 12 feet out of the water and roll 90 degrees to the right and left. The Seabreacher X is clear improvement on the earlier version called the Seabreacher J which was styled on a dolphin. This model looks more aggressive and is capable of performing more aggressively.

The new model of the boat has a fully vectored thrust system that gives its tail the movement that is close to real fish like dolphins and sharks. The exhaust system of the boat has also been custom tuned to give it more throaty growl. The boat takes a plunge in the water with a push of the joystick and can remain submerged for 20 seconds. The new model comes with some new high tech features. Other features include a snorkel mounted video camera that transmits live video to LCD screens for the pilot and passenger during dives. There is a stereo system onboard with iPod docking. The boat is supported by a GPS navigation system.

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