Presenting An All New Versatile Mountain Bike, The Bergmönch

For any thrill seeker or adventure enthusiast, one of the most enticing activity has to be trekking coupled with mountain biking. Now, one of the foremost sports and adventure bike manufacturers, Koga has announced the launch of an all new mountain ride called, The Bergmonch. More than a mere mountain bike, this marvelous two wheel asset is also capable of carrying your backpack while you trail blaze your way down a rugged slope. The Bergmonch has been designed and developed to be collapsible mountain bike that can be easily strapped to your back while you trek your way up a ridge and brings a lot more to the table than conventional mountain bikes. Once at the top, you easily unfold the package into a full-fledged mountain bike and provides you the dual function of a rucksack and a scooter. This remarkable new adventure vehicles comes with a weight distributing waist strap and padded harness. The riders will be able to effortlessly maneuver this excellent mountain scooter as it has been designed to offer the riders a kneeling position rather than a seated one.

The Bergmonch, which essentially means ‘Mountain Monk’ in German has been developed keeping in mind the health repercussions faced by most mountain bikers. As per research, it has been established that the mountain hikers are most prone to knee afflictions that take place due to the uncontrolled motion of downhill travel with heavy backpacks weighing down on the spine. However, with the Bergmonch the hikers will now have a more practical approach to downhill descent that will enable them to simply roll down, thereby effectively removing any stress off their knee joints. The Bergmonch is available for purchase at only selected European Alpine shops and carries price tag of $2,150.

Via Gear Patrol

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