Atalier Pfister Produces Ependes, Magnetic Candle Holders from Nicolas Le Moigne

Atalier Pfister, which could be translated as Workshop Pfister is a leading furniture manufacturer from Switzerland. The Swiss company had eleven of the top designers together and challenged them to create a collection of bold Swiss made objects. They did not restrict this initiative to the field of furniture but any other object useful for a home. Designer Nicolas Le Moigne was one of the designers in the team of eleven and he created a candelabra with candle holders that are held in place with magnets.

The design of the candle stand is not limited to its visual appeal but its functional convenience. It is not just beautiful to look at but very useful at home. The concept is simple and very user friendly. The system consists of a round or oval base plates and you simply have to put the magnetized candleholders on them. The magnets help to hold the candle holders in place. The other benefit of the design was highlighted by the designer Le Mogine. He said that the design allows you to vary the compositions by adding other elements such as fruits, flowers or boxes of matches.

Ependes, the name given to the candle stand, has a modular and flexible design that makes it suitable for any time and any season. And it is these factors in the design that must have impressed Alfredo Häberli, the curator who selected the designs from eleven designers that should be taken up for production. The other designers who participated in this project were Atelier Oi, Jörg Boner, and Adrien Rovero Fulguro who have created new exciting designs of sofas, armchairs, tables and accessories.

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