Spend Your Vacations In An Eco-Friendly Luxurious Style With The All New ‘Living Roof’

The 21st century has brought with it an urge amongst the global populace to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the protection of the environment. Be it the automobile or the consumer electronics vertical, private corporations have been increasingly doing their bit to contribute. Now, one of the foremost innovative design firms, Nau Architects, has unveiled an all new concept structure for the hospitality industry that has been designed to provide the best of luxurious amenities and a magnificent view all wrapped in an eco-friendly structure. Aptly named, Living Roof, this magnificent creation resembles a futuristic pod design and has been developed to be a mobile hospitality room. Measuring 28 feet in length, the Living Roof is a creative embodiment of future hospitality industry.

This remarkable structure is a completely self-sustained and self-powered room that has been designed to be located on urban rooftops. The interiors of the Living Roof can transform in to assortment of modes such as a lounge, sleep and working room etc. at the touch of a button. Ideal for the travelers who wish to enjoys a great vacation while leaving the most minimal of carbon footprint, the Living Roof can provide a splendid view of a city’s skyline. The Living Roof features photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and a rainwater collection system. However, when it comes to the transportation of this pod, that is where all the points earned for its eco-friendliness evaporate, as this structure will need to be airlifted to the desired location. This would entail the use of a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft that will add to the carbon emission during the transportation.

Via Tree Hugger

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