Introducing The Incredibly Innovative Outdoor Cooking Table ITAUBA From Snow Peak

Whether it be birthday party or a simple get together, the fun and serenity of milling around with your family and friends while enjoying some eclectic delicacies in your backyard, is an experience that never gets old. Though, there are a plethora of outdoor cooking appliances and furniture that are more than sufficient to conduct such events, yet to make your small garden party all the more special, you need something more. Now, one of the foremost names in outdoor cooking appliances and accessories, Snow Peak, has announced the launch of the all new ITAUBA Garden Dining Table. This magnificent and beautiful table can not only be used to have food on, but you can even put on a stove underneath and cook & serve while your guests eat. Designed on the concept of traditional Japanese lower sitting dining table, the remarkable ITAUBA can even be used as a poker dining table and if you have a bigger guest list, then you can easily convert it into a buffet dining table.

The ITAUBA Garden Dining Table is composed of modular center sections that have been designed to aid in cooking, while the table also comes with grilling and cooking attachments, thereby eliminating the need for a back and forth run to the kitchen. The center space of the table where all the cooking takes place is completely detachable and the table itself is inspired from the company’s famous Iron Grill Table. This one of a kind table is made from sturdy itauba wood with a generous addition of stainless steel. The all new ITAUBA Garden Dining Table is currently available for purchase with a price tag of $1,995.

Via The Outdoor Stylist & Snow Peak 

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