Acoustic Lab Launches The Elegant Zeta 2.0 Speaker System For Avid Music Enthusiasts

From one of the foremost audio speakers manufacturer, Acoustic Lab, comes yet another marvelous speaker set in the form of the all new Acoustic Lab Zeta 2.0 Digitally Matched speaker set. Renowned for its remarkable audio technology and gorgeous designs, Acoustic Lab has developed this new speaker set to ensure the best of both the sound as well as aesthetics. The Zeta 2.0 speaker system has been developed under the watchful eye of Danish Audio Engineer, Christian M Andersen and the gorgeous cabinet has been designed by Garbrand van der Molen, a Dutch industrial designer. This incredible speaker system has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing while its form factor also provides a unique sound output outlet.

The all new Acoustic Lab Zeta 2.0 Digitally Matched speakers set operate on a frequency range of 110 to 20.000 Hz and the amplifier of the system functions in the range of 20 to 20.000 Hz. To ensure that the users get only the best of audio experience, this remarkable speaker system has been incorporated with a rubber ring that allows for easy relocation of the speakers from one location to another. The Zeta 2.0 speaker system provides an impressive performance figure of 56 Watt per channel in regards to power output, while the speakers are compatible with PC, iPhone and HiFi systems. In the package, the Zeta 2.0 speaker system carries a 2 meter speaker cable and this marvelous speaker set is available in a range of vibrant colors such as Onyx Black, Ceramic White and Garnet Red.

Via Acoustic Lab 

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