Preserve Your Most Desirable Wine In Modern Style With A Unique Touchscreen Wine Cellar

We all love wines, but some prefer to keep them preserved as long as possible and then have a sip of their eclectic wines at a time when they really wish to. However, wine preservation is no child’s play. Ask any avid wine connoisseur and you’ll get to know that it takes a right place and just the right temperature for the wines to be kept in, so that they retain their taste, aroma and luster that attract you to them in the first place. Now, one of the leading names in products related to wine accessories, wine storage, Wine Enthusiast, has come out with a remarkable wine storage system that is not only gorgeous to look at but is also embedded with 21st century technology for easy operations. The all new Wine Enthusiast Silent Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator is a wine cellar series that has now been added with a new wine cellar named, ‘Slimline Collection’.

Designed and developed with the sole goal of preserving the taste of red and white wines, the Slimline Collection is also aesthetically perfect to be put in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. This remarkable wine cooler comes with a stunning design as well as state of the art silent cooling technology. This unique technology ensures that the cooling takes place effectively, while this one of a kind wine cellar is quite eco-friendly, with the incorporation of thermoelectric energy efficiency that is CFC free. This remarkable wine cellar features a touchscreen that allows you to operate it with the most minimal of efforts. The door of the Slimline Collection are made from smoked-glass thermopane with stainless steel trim and the wine cooler can store 750ml bottles, a maximum of 18, at temperature range of 54-66°F at the top and 46-66°F at the bottom. The all new magnificent Wine Enthusiast Silent Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator’ Slimline Collection’ is available for purchase with a price tag of $219.

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