Porsche Design Studio To Unveil The Largest Outdoor Television This September

Your television experience just got bigger. The 103-inch television sets from the likes of Panasonic and Bang & Olufsen may be bigger and better, but there is more to come. Porsche Design Studio will soon be unveiling the world’s largest outdoor television. Their whopper of a screen measures 201 inches in length.

This giant TV screen certainly makes a smashing entrance as well. Created under the “201 C SEED” brand, this aptly named television set emerges out from a flat piece of concealed metal on the ground; much like a tree magically emerges from a seed. It takes all of 15 seconds for this outdoor beauty to reach its final height. Thereafter, the enormous screen unfolds into 7 panels. This takes another 25 seconds. So in about 40 seconds, your 201 C SEED TV is ready to roll.

Built in collaboration with Global Bright Group, the 201 C SEED is designed to add pizzazz to any outdoor performance or show. According to Porsche Design Studio, as far as this large television is concerned, “The performance begins when C SEED magically appear from the ground, like a kinetic sculpture.” This TV set can be fitted on a lawn or on a terrace as per the user’s needs.

This TV set comes with a three-way audio system, which includes 15 speakers and a wireless remote control. The screen can be rotated up to 270 degrees. Plus, since this is an outdoor television, the picture is extremely bright. You can view the images even in direct sunlight. Interested users can book this giant TV starting September this year for prices starting from $810,000.

Via: Internet Magazine

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