Josefine Bentzen and Charlotte Skak Unveil Kitchen Kids – Tools for Developing Healthier eating Habits

According to studies, though five percent of Danish kids help in preparing meals their responsibility for personal food, their nutrition is improved as adults. Denmark based designer’s Josefine Bentzen and Charlotte Skak have created cooking tools for kids between 4-7 years which encourage them to participate in cooking and in adoption of future healthier life styles. Kids need to learn the basics of healthy eating at an early age to make them adopt healthier lifestyle and teaching healthy food habits to prepare them for future is your responsibility. Let your kid know the importance of colours in a variety vegetables and fruits. They find it fun too, to explore through colouring, games and rhymes. The engaging in the preparation of whole family meal make them acquire healthier habits.

Children engaged in the preparation of the wholesome family meal acquire healthier eating habits and a greater curiosity towards new and unknown foods because they take the ownership of their meal. These habits continue into adulthood, leaving the extra time spent in the kitchen with your child as a very good investment in the health and future life of your child.

Curiosity towards unknown food, way of preparation all are mind absorbing activities and engage them in the wholesome meal of the family make them acquire healthier eating habits which continue into adulthood. Spare time spent in the kitchen is a good healthy foundation for the future life of your kid. Kitchen Kids consists of chopping board, grating bowl, peeler and a knife, for dressing the mixing bottles and a pair of protective mittens. It makes them aware of difference between safe and dangerous tools. Rubber handles give a safer grip. The mittens protect fingers as well as palm of the hand which are made of silicone allowing grip on items. There is connection between graters and vegetable bowl.

Via: Designboom

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