EarSet 3i: The New Stereo Headset For Apple Gadgets From Bang & Olufsen

Just the other day, we were swooning over the brand new (and extravagantly priced) 3D TV from Bang & Olufsen. This week’s find is a small and sleek stereo headset to pair with your trusty Apple devices. Named the EarSet 3i, this new stereo headset from Bang & Olufsen is designed to give users a high quality sound experience within convenient hands-free speakers. The EarSet 3i is geared towards Apple users. The stereo headset has been designed to fit in to the newest generation of gadgets from Apple. This little headset is sure to win the admiration of users with its exceptional sound quality.

Whether you are waiting at the bus stop, sneaking a jog after lunch or relaxing at home, the EarSet 3i is sure to knock your socks off with its performance. This stereo headset is ideal for people who are constantly moving about. The earphones fit comfortably along the curves and contours of each year. It will not be dislodged even during activities like running or biking.

Again, this is Bang & Olufsen. The company is known for its superior acoustics. The EarSet 3i headsets provide a beautiful audio experience, but keeping in mind the safety and convenience of users, the headsets allow in some environmental sounds. So you should be able to hear the car honking behind you. And your mobile phone rings will not go unanswered.

Music lovers who cannot do without their iPods, iPads and iPhones will make a beeline for this mobile accessory. But this is not just a earphone. It is an efficient communication device as well.

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