Find Your Perfect Holiday Treat with Cala Mia Boutique Hotel in Panama

The economy isn’t really doing all that well and this certainly contributes to our already-worse work schedules. As long as you’re working hard and cranking up money, there is certainly no reason for you to indulge into some beautiful retreats. Before you go hit some travel book, let me introduce you to the Cala Mia which is a boutique hotel located in the Chiriqui National Marine Park in Panama.

Seated near the Costa Rican border in Panama, this hotel is comprised of eleven bungalows which have been designed and built by local artisans. You can enter the place with or without shoes. It also hosts a bundle of water borne activities like sport fishing, surfing and scuba diving among others. The highlight of this place is its eco-green quotient. It is powered entirely by solar power and thus will be appeal greatly appeal to the taste of eco-conscious guests.

The resort has a restaurant at the highest point on its property thus bestowing upon you scenic views of the beach, lush vegetation, swaying palm trees, and tropical waters. It has a Mediterranean inspired menu and changes daily to bring in an element of variety. The change in menu primarily depends on what’s been harvested from its own garden or the local farms. It claims itself to offer the perfect ‘escape to nature’ for numerous animals like  birds, monkeys, dolphins, and turtles find shelter in Panama. Their room rates start at a price of $195 and 5% of that goes maintenance of these farms.

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