Column Glass for Champagne Drinkers Is Glamorous

Those who pay much attention for trivial details always want to serve champagne vertically but it was never possible without proper glassware to build the glistening, bubbling towers. Finally for many people’s dreams, Bergne could offer a solution. The creation of Column Glass is functionally applicable, aesthetically appealing and quite innovative too. You could imagine several columns of ice-cold champagne filled glasses that would make the event or party successful.  You cannot spoil the event or party messing up with stemmed glass, and it is better not to drink with some lame excuse than creating an unhappy atmosphere with breakage of the glass, spillage of the liquid.

Bergne will exhibit his latest works in July at Haute Cuisine exhibition in Paris, and festival of fashion and food will be arranged at the Jardins du Palais Royal. The simple champagne glasses are designed to be piled up looking forming column are ideal for night parties. They are designed cleverly to save space and spillage which will be staked.

The ‘Column’ series is a set of champagne glasses that fit into each other vertically, can be carried in stacks which eliminates glasses being placed on trays and serving as usual from trays is not required. When you are served with the bubbly in columns, you get a classy impression with extremely luxurious-looking glass. They take the orders well in advance for the champagne glasses and they would be available soon. You could reserve these handmade borosilicate glasses by contacting the manufacturer and throw a party eventually.


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